A Message from Our CEO

A key motivation for the Team at HBS is our holistic approach towards zero harm, and at its core, our focus of not just doing good, but doing better than current industry practises.

It has never been our objective to follow conventional norms, focusing on common waste streams, repurposed as Insect feedstock. Instead we challenge ourselves by employing from the wealth of our skills in Science, Engineering and together with Mother Nature'sĀ help, create a sustainable solution in repurposing negative waste streams.

Negative waste streams are normally incinerated inefficiently or pumped back into waterways, providing at times, an unhealthy environment, not only for the local flora and fauna, but for the men, women and children that live and function within local communities.

HBS have harnessed a winning solution resulting in more than 2 kg of Carbon emissions saved with every Kilogram of Feedstock processed. This means HBS is not only Carbon Neutral - we are Carbon Negative. We continue to focus our efforts in improving our processes, executing a build plan which will help achieve an enviable emissions reduction target. We project this to exceed more than 2 Million tons CO2 emission saved annually, over the next 5 to 7 years.

We are excited about aligning with like minded organisations, who have similar desires to improve their environmental footprint.

Help us, help you by providing guidance through joint cooperation, inclusive of our International collaborations and rapidly add to the above emissions reduction target, ensuring our contribution, not only to a Circular Economy, but to improving the environmental outlook of the planet, and our children's future(s).

Edmund Anderson,
Hermetia Bio Science

Feed Today - Food Tomorrow