The Team


A 40 year Professional having focused the Companies Development, through systems integration, Kiman has a passion for keeping processes simple, whilst building long term relationships in Industry.
A 30 year Professional having developed a passion for the future of Insects, with an understanding of the requirements associated with Scaling-up of the industry, Edmund brings a unique insight as to how it is possible to advance the Feed and Food industries.
Director (Indonesia Operations)
Director of Operations Dhea is principally responsible for systems implementation commencing with Operations Readiness of site processes across the breadth of the Insect Breeding and Rearing facilities. Additional coordination responsibilities includes oversight of company consultants ensuring scope and responsibilities are executed to management requirements.
Chief Operating Officer
Rudy has over 20 years' experience in engineering and process related industries in multiple disciplines. He has gained invaluable experience in strategic analysis and commercial analysis, financial structuring and valuation, with particular strength in project execution and operation.
Engineering Manager
Darren has 23 years' experience in the design, construction and commissioning of a wide range of materials handling, processing plants and infrastructure in the coal, minerals and precious metals industries spread from Australia, Asia and Africa.

Operations Management

Manager Site Administration
35 years of experiences in Project Coordination and Project Administration.
Laboratory Manager
A 6+years professional having focused research on Black Soldier Fly Industry and Feed Preparation of Black Soldier Fly.
Administrative Supervisor
Breeding & Rearing
Primarily experienced in the managing of daily, weekly and monthly, data collection through trials and observations both for colony maintenance and rearing through to production processes of Black Soldier Fly.
Production Supervisor
Breeding & Rearing
Yanti is involved in the supervision of all activities including Feed Stock preparation, BSF larvae production until Harvest.

Science Group

Materials Scientist
Earned his Ph.D. in Physics at Florida State University specializing in biomaterials and electronics devices.
Food Technologist
A food technologist with an interdisciplinary experience and knowledge in the field of biomaterials and food science who specializes in the processing and characterization of BSF and its products.
A microbiology with specialty in bacteria and fungi fermentation.
Environmental Scientist
An environmental science graduate with experience in waste-treatment science and its environmental impacts in particular those related to water pollution.
A former National Physics Olympiad instructor with diverse interest in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and electronics.


Sustainability Manager
Responsible for the Family groups PKS Assets and conformance to Sustainability requirements. PKS management Representative coordinating with HBS on all aspects of Feedstock delivery to HBS.
Operations Manager (PKS Mill)
A third generation Operations Professional focused on the family group, PKS Mill assets, continually improving standard operating procedures as well as the development of human resources.


Professor for Applied Entomology and Director of the Institute for Insect Biotechnology at the University of Giessen.
Feed and Food Science
Fera provides robust evidence, rigorous analysis and professional advice, underpinned by world class research.